Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beginners Round Robins

We had 8 people identify themselves as beginners at tatting and sign up for the round robin. The beginners groups have now been sent out. They have elected to tat whatever the other participants want so each member will specify what they would like to receive and their partners will all tat them one. This should make for especially interesting groups.
The International group is Chia Aileen, Bob Shotton, Margaret Boos and Joy Walsh while the American group is Connie Faulconer, Stephanie Bryant and Bonnie Peters.

Have lots of fun with this one.

The majority of the people are the intermediate/advanced folks and it's going to take a while to sort them into groups. so their information will get posted in the next few days.

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nw.mtns said...

Hello Sharon, I would love to be in the beginners , willing to do if we start soon for angels, I am picky about my work, its quality but I am very slow and the simpler the better.
would also like to do bookmarks, snowflakes, Edging.