Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First mailing dates

We've had a bit of a shaky start for some of our round robins. As you can see from the sidebar we have 5 different round robins going and many of our participants have their own web pages where they can display the progress of the robins. Apparently not all of the emails with the group information got to the recipients. One of the tatters only got their group information yesterday, one of the participants has had to drop out and this morning I received notice that one of the participants had the dog eat her tatting. (Doesn't that remind you of school? Sorry teacher I don't have my homework done because the dog ate it.) We can laugh, but I'm sure that it was devastating to find the hours of work and careful blocking getting munched on like kibble.

I've had confirmation from everyone now that they did get the original email and I have had information back from a few of you that your first tattings are on their way. Just a reminder here are the first mailing deadlines for your tatting

Intermediate /Advanced - Hearts March 23, 2008
Advanced International - Project March 3, 2008
Beginners USA Feb 24, 2008
Beginners International* Feb 24, 2008
Doily Round Robin Feb 24, 2008

*As far as I know everyone is on time with their first tattings with the exception of the International Beginner's group as one of the tatters in this group has not been receiving my emails. I apologize for not staying on top of this and making sure everyone had the info. The mailing schedule for this group may need to be adjusted.

Just in case anyone is wondering, how the groups were established, I sorted people out by skill level and by international/local and discovered 5 people interested in doing a doily that were all agreeable to an international robin. So that was my first group.

Of the remaining folks about half of them were relatively new to tatting and they were split into International and USA in small groups of 3. It seemed to me that if anyone was going to have time issues it would more likely be a beginner and a smaller group would be easier to coordinate if there were problems. As for preference of what they wanted to tat, most of them liked tatting anything and everything so each of them will specify what they'd like to receive and the other participants will tat that project.

In the more advanced tatters a number of them were from other countries and some had requested direct mailing so the International Advanced group will be tatting a variety of projects Each month they will tat a different project. The first month they will tat a heart, the next month a bookmark, the third month an animal or butterfly and the fourth month a snowflake. Each month they will mail to a different person. Since there was no real consensus on what they wanted to make, this seemed like a more interesting way of doing things. We'll see how it goes.

The remaining group of tatters were in the intermediate/advanced skill level and of those that expressed a preference for type of project there were more requests for hearts, so this group is doing hearts.

I did try as much as possible to give everyone the kind of projects they wanted and matched them up with folks with similar abilities. I'm hoping that everything goes really well for all of the people involved and I'm looking forward to seeing lots of tatted laces.

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Tattycat said...

You have done a wonderful job Sharon and I appreciate it very much! Mine was mailed to J.B. on Monday. I thought our first mailing date was March 2nd, or something like that, so mine is gone. Of course, being mainly confined to home, I have much more time for tatting than most people.