Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beginners International Finished

I am finally getting a chance to post the pictures from the finished Round Robins. In the beginners group there didn't seem to be a general consensus as to what everyone wanted to work on, so for these groups the participants tatted different things based on what the recipient wanted. Aileen who stepped in to keep everyone informed and on track wanted animals. Joy wanted bookmarks, Bob wanted things he could learn from, and Margaret wanted Christmas ornaments.

Bob's original tatting, for himself was a pretty little doily that took the scenic route, and for a while we thought it was lost, but eventually it caught up to the rest of his tattings.
Bob for Aileen
Bob for Joy
Bob for Margaret

Aileen for herself
Aileen for Joy
Aileen for Margaret
Aileen for Bob
Joy for herself

Joy for MargaretJoy for Bob

Joy for Aileen

Margaret for herself

Margaret for Joy

Margaret for Aileen

When Margaret received Aileen's package there were already 2 cats in it and what Margaret really wanted to make was a mouse, but the only pattern she could find was for a very tiny mouse. She couldn't resist and tatted the mice as well as the turtle.

Margaret for Bob

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