Friday, October 3, 2008

Round Robin 2 Sign up

It looks like some of our round robins are still limping home. One of the groups that I thought was finished was actually stalled. (When one of the kids picks up Mom's mail, he really ought to put it where she can find it, instead of placing several packages in unlikely places.) A number of our groups are finished, but I have been unable to post the finished pictures because not everyone has scanners or digital cameras to take the pictures.

On the other hand several people inquired about new rounds and I thought it would be better to get something going before we get into the Thanksgiving/Halloween/Christmas tangle. Having nearly ripped my hair out trying to track 5 separate groups, this time each group will have a leader who will keep track of their group.

In our last rounds it was somewhat difficult to match up people with requested projects, so this time around there are some suggested projects and people can sign up for the project of their choice. As soon as there are 5 or more people signed up for a project the groups will be arranged and info sent out.

All mailings will be direct mailings and I'm anticipating a 2 week schedule so that the robins should be done more or less within 10 weeks from the starting date, but that is flexible.

Other project category suggestions are welcome. You can sign up by sending an email to me - sharon at gagechek dot com or by adding a comment. If you sign up by adding a comment, make sure that I have your email address so that I can contact you with your round robin details.

Snowflakes - 2 +1
Angels - 2
3D Ornaments
Butterflies - 1 +1
Hearts - 1 +1
Beaded item - 1
Doilies (if requested)
Optional - 3

As people sign up I'll add the numbers beside the categories so that you know how many are in the group already.

We have had 11 people sign up for the round robin so far. Three of them have not specified a particular project so I have counted them under Optional and will add them to whichever group needs another participant. One has listed several projects and has been shown as +1 and will be added to whichever category fills up first. A request has been made for a new category of beaded items.


BoB the Bike said...

enjoyed the last one please count me in


Becky said...

You said that one person had listed several projects and that they would get added to which ever group filled first. Does that mean you can only do one group?