Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And we're off! - Round 1 of the Butterfly Round Robin

With a minor glitch, we're good to go! The butterflies are off for their multi-stop migration. They seem to be all conincidentally converging right at this site from all across the globe and have gathered mysteriously on this very spot. Let's creep up steathily and take a close look at the magnificant beauties.

Look at this lovely specimen that's flown in from Becky in Michigan that seems to be on it's way to Sharol in NV. I've never seen one like this before - I think it's a new discovery! An ORIGINAL pattern! Tatted up on DMC Cébélia No 20, in Pink (3688) and Yellow (745)

Here comes another flitting by from the direction of Sharol in NV. Looks set to fly the long route to Chile! Our experts have identitied it as the same butterfly captured by the Aug 1990 issue of Workbasket. Done in Altin Basak size 40 thread, with a cloisonne bead, it's a magnificant specimen. Not only that, it seems to have come with a friend! A second larger butterfly done in DMC Cebelia size 20 pink, again with a cloisonne bead.

Over there! Before you miss it as it floats off to Sharol in NV! The rare OH tatted Dyan butterfly from Rosemarie Peel's book Tatting for Pleasure.

Look! Melissa's "Iris" from Adeleid Dangela's book Tatted Butterflies in size 35 Valdani thread "Midnight Roses" is floating by! It's headed straight in the direction of OH. Maybe it'll stop by Dyan's for a spell!

And trailing behind, Ms Jane Eborall's 2005 butterfly with overlapping wings by Aileen flitters by, heading off to Becky, leaving a trail of 11/0 beads and Omega thread.

Slight revision

Here is a chart of who should be sending to whom and on which dates. Meme didn't get her partner list until a couple of days ago so Melissa's butterfly will arrive a little late. Dyan on the other hand was sent a completely wrong list which is totally my fault. This resulted in Sharol being sent 2 butterflies this time, while Aileen got none. She has the corrected list now. Dyan will send her butterfly for Dec 15th to Aileen which will mean Sharol gets none for that mailing, but it will put things back on track. -Sharon

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