Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We're Off!

I thought I'd better set up a central location for everyone to get info, post info and stay communicating for the round robins. For those working on doilies there will be a lot of designing going on, but for others you may need to use existing patterns and if you are in a group doing things that you don't already have patterns for, here are some links to check out. If anyone finds another useful source, and I know there are many not listed here, let me know.

I have sent out some additional questionaire information and groups will be set up based on what I receive back. There were 20 people that signed up for the round robins which is great because it allows for more people to be in the kind of robin they want. Communication is exceptionally important in a round robin. If something happens and you can't make a deadline, let people know. If your computer crashes and you can't email people, check into the library or cyber cafe and let people know or if you have a phone number, call. If you didn't receive a package when you expected it, let people know.

I have been reminded that in previous round robins there was a problem with packages getting lost in the mail and that for that reason instead of mailing packages from A to B to C etc. each person mailed their packages directly to their partners so that with the first mailing A mailed to B and on the second deadline A mailed to C and on the third deadline A mailed to D etc. There is less opportunity for a package with everyone's contributions getting lost in the mail, but it is also less interesting. When you are giving me the information from your "questionaires" please also specify if you would like the traditional A to B to C mailing or direct mailing in your robins. You can simply say I want a traditional mailing or I want direct mailing. Doily round robins have no option except the traditional method.

If traditional mailings are chosen each person will prepare a mailing envelope of some kind, baggies (little plastic sandwich bags) are a good choice because they are simple and waterproof and can be stapled to a card that fits in the mailing envelope. Remember that if you are in a 5 person round robin that the mailing envelope will get re-labelled and mailed 6 times so it will be very tattered by the time it returns to you with your precious treasures. If you are using baggies you can staple 5 of them (if you are in a group of 5) to a card and label each bag with the name of one of your group members. Each member, when they receive the package will add their tatting to the baggie with their name on it and will include information like where the pattern came from and what type of thread they used on it.

Also include in the mailing envelope a letter with YOUR preferences so that each member knows what they need to tat for you. For example, you might say, I would like my bookmarks to be 5 inches long and I prefer blue and yellow colours without any beads.

Scan or photograph everything. Many of us have scanners, but some folks don't, if one of your group doesn't have a scanner the next person to receive the package who does have a scanner should take a picture of it for them and for us too. You may be doing the tatting and receiving the packages, but the rest of the tatting community wants to see too. You can post pictures in your own blog or they can be displayed here. Anyone that doesn't already have a place to showcase their round robin treasures can send them to me with information like "Karen did Martha's heart for Sally in Flora size 20 thread" and they will get posted here.