Monday, January 19, 2009

4th round of butterflies

The 4th round of the butterfly round robin is underway!

First off, the LOVELY butterfly that Sharol sent to me. It's one of Monica Hanh's and it's done in 12 Valdini.

This one was done by Meme for Becky. Lovely gold and black! This one was Viola from Tatted Butterflies of Adelheid Dangela done in Merce Crochet size 40 in gold and black.

Next up is the lovely butterfly done by Melissa that's on its way to Sharol! She got this pattern by Edda Giugno online and tatted it up in size 50 Flora thread. Well done!

This is Dyan's contribution that's on her way to Meme. Paula is also from Tatted Butterflies tatted in 50 Oren Bayan thread, color 090. Looks like this book is a popular choice! If anyone's interested, it is available at many online stores, including Handyhands, Lacis and Tatting and Design (for our UK friends).

This is Becky's butterfly to Dyan. It's ANOTHER ORIGINAL *applause*. At first Becky felt it was too smal but then added another round to it. Done in 50 Altin Basak (I really need to try this thread) and silver. Well done!

Last is my contribution to the round robin. Another of Ms Eborall's butterflies done in 20 Coats with size 11 beads. The pattern can be found here. I didn't have the metal centre so I did the tatted centre without the fnacy edging. Looks like a superhero butterfly to me. Anyone else see it? *winks*

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Memé said...

You may tat the same butterfly but allways are differents and lovely, because it change with the color and number of threads... and obvious the "hand" you have. Sometimes we are a little late, but at the end we all are happy with the exchanges. Thanks to all my dear partners and specially to Sharon who organized and Aileen who coordinated us (not an easy work)... :))