Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Blizzard of Snowflakes

The third set of snowflake were mailed in early December and were received by all recipients with no major issues. I won't keep you waiting, here are the third set of snowflake from the talented tatters of the Snowflake Round Robin.

The first snowflake was tatted by Shawna for Jeff. Shawna used Lenore English's "January Reflections" pattern for this snowflake. She tatted the snowflake with size 8 DMC pearl cotton. A lovely snowflake, and one of my favourite patterns.

Our next snowflake is one made by Joy for Sandra. The pattern is called "Hearts in a Snowflake" by Jon Yusoff. Joy used size 20 Hakelgarn thread for this beauty of a snowflake.

Lorena's snowflake is next. She made this one for Maria. The pattern is by Jan Stawasz, from his book "Tatting Theory and Patterns", pattern on page 58. Lorena used Cebelia thread in size 20, in white and ecru. Beautiful! I gotta get this book.

The fourth snowflake in the blizzard was tatted by Maria. She sent her snowflake to Lorena. Maria used a pattern from Burda Magazine and used size 20 Cebelia thread. Maria added beads to this snowflake which made it quite heavy. To combat this, she sewed the snowflake to a piece of felt and made a sachet. Such lovely work.

Jeff tatted his third snowflake for Shawna. By pure chance, Jeff used another one of Lenore English's snowflake patterns for this snowflake. He chose to make "October Enchantment". Good thing he chose a different pattern than what Shawna used for his snowflake. He used DMC Cordonnet size 30 thread to make the snowflake. The snowflake in the photo isn't the snowflake sent to Shawna, but an identical one made some time earlier. Another pretty snowflake.

Last, but certainly not least, is Sandra's snowflake made for Joy. The snowflake is a Jane Eborall design ("Snowflake"). This is one of Sandra's favourite patterns, so she decieded to make it again. This snowflake uses the same variegated blue thread in size 80 and some white size 30 thread as the one made for Maria. I don't blame her for making this pattern twice. I would too. Beautiful work Sandra.

That's it for now. A few snowflakes in the fourth round are still in transit for some members so it will be a week or so before they came be shown. You won't want to miss these.

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