Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bookmarks Round 3

Connie sent to Cathy a bookmark called "Spiral" adapted from edging #1 pg 23 in Tatted Doilies & Edgings, Dover Press edited by Rita Weiss. The pattern was found on Gina 's website. The threads used are DMC Cebelia size 30. Colors #747 Sea Mist Blue and #699Christmas Green.

Bonnie made the same Spiral Bookmark for Abby, but tatting in size 80 thread was a real challenge. She hadn't successfully completed any of the size 80 projects she'd ever started. She thought she was going to have a panic attack using size 80 thread but it turned out much better than she had hoped. She got the blue thread from the lady who taught her to tat, it is DMC thread.

Lynn sent Connie her original pattern. The star is a ring with 5 picots, the rest are chains with a picot every 6th stitch, she used the white to hold it together and to give it a tinsel (kind of) look. Then she added her Mexican ribbon for the trunk, and tried to get a good picture. This was made with the thicker thread but she really likes it because she didn't copy from any one. She made the chains as long as she wanted them then curved them to give the appearance of a tree.
Cathy made for Bonnie a bookmark in size 80 that was her own design. She wasn't really happy with it, but I think it looks lovely.
Abby sent Lynn a bookmark tatted in size 40 Alton Basak called the "St. Patrick's" pattern, and she thinks it's by Ann Wilson, but the designer isn't listed anywhere on the pattern she printed out. She can't seem to find it on the internet now. Although Abby sent her picture, it seems to have disappeared somewhere on the internet. It will be posted later when it shows up.

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