Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bookmarks Round 4

Connie to Abby: The bookmark sent to Abby is called "Simple Bookmark" by Dianna Stevens found on the Domestic Arts website (no longer available). Connie extended the pattern so the main part of the bookmark reached 6 inches, then made the tail using zigzag tatting instead of a crocheted tail. The threads usedwere DMC Cebelia Size 30 in colors #747 Sea Mist Blue and #992 Aquamarinetrying to get as close as possible to colors Abby likes , blues n green(aquas n pea greens).

Bonnie to Connie: Since Connie requested no crosses or pink thread she used a pattern by Julie Patterson called Spring Flowers Bookmark and size 80 DMC thread in blue and avariegated green. she is very pleased at how this turned out and sorry that the round robin is over. When Bonnie committed to this project she didn't realize it was to be done in size 80 thread, or she wouldn't have joined and it really pushed her to work in a thread size way outside of her comfort zone. Until the first bookmark she made for this exchange the smallest thread she had successfullycompleted a project in was size 30 thread.

Lynn to Bonnie: Lynn didn't use a pattern, she just started doing it to see how it would turn out. She thought it was going to be a bell, then it started to look like her third bookmark which was a tree. That is why she named it bell-tree.
Cathy to Lynn: Cathy used a variegated yellow (DMC) and since she didn't have any green in the same size 80, she used a regular cotton sewing thread for the chains. Since she wasn't pulling rings closed, she wasn't too worried about the breaking thread. Cathy thinks that cold and her bulbs starting to break through in the garden made her think of spring, hence the flowers.

Abby to Cathy: The flowers are done with 2 strands of DMC embroidery floss, and the leaves and stems are done with 3 strands. The pattern she used was originally designed by Mae Taylor with a variation by Sabina Carden-Madden - then Abby did a further "variation" and is pleased with the results.
It seems like everyone had fun and was sad to see the end of the round robin. Wait a minute, who said they were over! It's time to start again.

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