Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last round of butterflies

Congratulations to Meme, Dyan, Melissa and Sharol. You have succesfully completed the Butterfly Round Robin. I think you all deserve a round of applause for the effort, patience and outstanding coordination you've shown!

Introducing Celine by Adelheid Dangela tatted in size 50 Omega thread. Melissa tatted up this lovely lady for Meme in Chile. Hmmm looks like she used my favourite colour thread!

Becky sent me this lovely rainbow coloured butterfly. I smell another original!

This little pink thing was tatted by Meme for Sharol. Again from the book of Tatted Butterflies this little one's Elisa in size 80 (wow).

This is Dyan's little friend that she's sent to fly to Melissa! This one is Paula from the same book (this one sure is a popular title =)).

This was my contribution that was sent to Melissa. This one was another one of Marlene Lewis' butterflies done in my favourite colour 20 omega. THis one's Bonnie's Butterfly.

Ladies I hope you had fun! Thanks to all of you for your cooperation and thanks very much to you Sharon for making this all possible.

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