Thursday, February 5, 2009

Round Robin 3 Sign Up

I asked for suggestions for this new set of round robins and received some interesting ideas.

Maria who participated in the snowflake round robin and thoroughly enjoyed it, would like to try hearts or angels.

JB would like to see another round of snowflakes

Bob would like to join in whatever is going.

Miranda likes butterflies but suggested that each tatter do something representative of the area where they live, like a state flower, a snowflake if you live someplace cold, a fish if you live near water, or that kind of thing. nw.mtns suggested a beginners group

Abby suggested - How about COASTERS !!! We could use a larger thread, 20 or 10 thread so they're sturdy, attach a 3" or 4" or maybe 5" motif to a piece of felt (or whatever) send it along and when we're done we each have a set of coasters! Maybe even in summer colors. Just imagine snowflakes in hot orange or yellow or turquoise, or bright green stars.

Wally, who always likes to push the envelope, suggested an interesting theme could be "Original Motifs", but that would be only for the brave hearted as it would mean designing as well as tatting... Another theme could be using a specific technique; like split rings patterns or beading tatting, clunies, etc. This could motivate people to learn and practice new techniques.

As usual there isn't a real consensus on what everyone would like to make and that makes it hard to set up groups so here's how these rounds are going to be set up. This time there will be a Beginners group because I've had a couple of emails from people asking for one. If you are new to tatting and you'd like to give a round robin a try without a lot of pressure, this is the group for you. It will be an Anything Goes round robin which means that you can tat anything you want in any size thread you want. I'm making the assumption that if you consider yourself a beginner, that you don't have a collection of books or a stash of thread so you don't have to feel that you can't join because you don't have any heart patterns or you can't do split rings or you don't have access to specialized thread.

A couple of people asked for Angels in the last round and there wasn't enough interest to get one going so we're going to try again. This time if there are 3 or more people who want angels the group will go ahead without waiting for it to fill up.

Snowflakes/Coasters I kind of like Abby's idea of colourful tatting for the summer and tatted snowflakes in bright colours would certainly double as a coaster and perk up any table, however I think it might be better to leave the attaching it to felt idea for the recipient who might want to do some colour co-ordinating with their surroundings.

Extreme Tatters a challenging group for people who want to push themselves to create new designs or work in advanced techniques. So if you want to go out on a limb and create new stuff or work only in designs with advanced techniques, this group is for you.

Sign up requirements -

1. Read the posting on because it will explain a lot of things.

2. Email me with the following information, please don't post personal information like your address in comments for the sake of your own privacy. My email address is or - replace the # with @ as usual.

3. Your choice of group.

4. Your mailing address because people have to send things to you.

5. Your email address because your partners will need to be able to contact you.

6. Are you prepared to be a group leader, yes or no. A group leader will follow up with everyone to make sure they got their partner info, collect the pictures to be posted here (because we all want to see what you are doing), follow up with participants to make sure everyone gets their tatting and co-ordinate with me if something goes off track.

We have seen that the round robins work better when someone in the group keeps things moving along because I don't have the time to follow up with everyone, in every group, every couple of weeks, for the next 2 or 3 months. Besides, having someone from a different email address following up helps to avoid cyber glitches.

Edited to add:
The groups for round robin 3 are currently under way and should finish up in May, if interest continues, new round robins will be added. If you would like to be in a round robin, but haven't seen the kind of project you'd like to do, make a suggestion.

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I guess I missed out on the sign up! I just found this page. I love exchanges and round robins! I was in Maus #4 butterfly exchange years ago as a beginner and have been in 3 more since then. I love butterflies the most, but hearts, snowflakes and bookmarks are top of my list too! Thanks for keeping exchanges going!