Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beginners RR Beverly June Davis

The First Photo is From Beverly Davis to Barb Pampel
Beverly works work is a combo of Marie Koniers leaves and Rosemarie Peel edging.
The charm is a gift from Aileen in S'pore to Bev. The thread she use was yarnplayers HDT, Med. Lav. Orchid size 30.

The Green Bookmark is from Beverly Davis to Gerry Dee, Its Karen Solomon Clover Bookmark and adaption bottom of Rosiemaries Peel design. Altin Basak size 30 thread.

Both beautiful work.


Anonymous said...

No, the green bookmark was not to me...Bev (it WAS however, from me but not mailed as yet)


Anonymous said...

I don't know that the work is 'beutiful' but "it will do." as beginner's work. LOL I could have corrected the mistakes; but didn't want to cut up HDT...
I hope we see some of the other's work, also.