Saturday, April 4, 2009

Extreme Tatters Round Robin-part 1

The first round of the Extreme Tatters Round Robin has been mailed. These are all original designs and Wally and Becky are planning on including the ones they designed in upcoming tatting pattern books.

Tatted in Pearl Cotton 8 by Becky for Ellen.

Tatted by Ellen for Wally.
Tatted by Wally for Camille.
Also by Wally for Camille.
Tatted in Valdani Hand Dyed (Violet Meadows M 40) by Camille for Becky. This one is called "Alexis".
I think we have some pretty talented tatters!


Needledreams said...

Wow!!! Everything is so beautiful. Love the doily with the cluny center. And I'm waiting anxiously for my goldfish! :-)

Becky's book will definitively be on my list of books to buy.

JaneB said...

These are all so pretty. The goldfish looks almost real. LOL I shall look forward to seeing the book.

Joyce Schermerhorn said...

Lovely pieces - every one of them. I also will look forward to having a copy of Becky's book.