Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking Suggestions

Our most recent round robins have all been sent out successfully and as anticipated, with each group having one person to keep things on track, they have all moved smoothly. Thanks so much to Jeff, Aileen and Connie for all your hard work. One of the requested categories was Angels but there weren't enough people to get a group set up. Many of the participants want to go again so we will be starting new groups as soon as we have 5 or more participants. This time around I will be taking suggestions for projects that you would like to make. So what will it be this time? Hearts because February will be here soon? More Butterflies because they're pretty? Will the Angels finally soar? What would you like to tat? Leave comments and don't forget if you want to sign up, I need your snail mail addy emailed to me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bookmarks Round 4

Connie to Abby: The bookmark sent to Abby is called "Simple Bookmark" by Dianna Stevens found on the Domestic Arts website (no longer available). Connie extended the pattern so the main part of the bookmark reached 6 inches, then made the tail using zigzag tatting instead of a crocheted tail. The threads usedwere DMC Cebelia Size 30 in colors #747 Sea Mist Blue and #992 Aquamarinetrying to get as close as possible to colors Abby likes , blues n green(aquas n pea greens).

Bonnie to Connie: Since Connie requested no crosses or pink thread she used a pattern by Julie Patterson called Spring Flowers Bookmark and size 80 DMC thread in blue and avariegated green. she is very pleased at how this turned out and sorry that the round robin is over. When Bonnie committed to this project she didn't realize it was to be done in size 80 thread, or she wouldn't have joined and it really pushed her to work in a thread size way outside of her comfort zone. Until the first bookmark she made for this exchange the smallest thread she had successfullycompleted a project in was size 30 thread.

Lynn to Bonnie: Lynn didn't use a pattern, she just started doing it to see how it would turn out. She thought it was going to be a bell, then it started to look like her third bookmark which was a tree. That is why she named it bell-tree.
Cathy to Lynn: Cathy used a variegated yellow (DMC) and since she didn't have any green in the same size 80, she used a regular cotton sewing thread for the chains. Since she wasn't pulling rings closed, she wasn't too worried about the breaking thread. Cathy thinks that cold and her bulbs starting to break through in the garden made her think of spring, hence the flowers.

Abby to Cathy: The flowers are done with 2 strands of DMC embroidery floss, and the leaves and stems are done with 3 strands. The pattern she used was originally designed by Mae Taylor with a variation by Sabina Carden-Madden - then Abby did a further "variation" and is pleased with the results.
It seems like everyone had fun and was sad to see the end of the round robin. Wait a minute, who said they were over! It's time to start again.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bookmarks Round 3

Connie sent to Cathy a bookmark called "Spiral" adapted from edging #1 pg 23 in Tatted Doilies & Edgings, Dover Press edited by Rita Weiss. The pattern was found on Gina 's website. The threads used are DMC Cebelia size 30. Colors #747 Sea Mist Blue and #699Christmas Green.

Bonnie made the same Spiral Bookmark for Abby, but tatting in size 80 thread was a real challenge. She hadn't successfully completed any of the size 80 projects she'd ever started. She thought she was going to have a panic attack using size 80 thread but it turned out much better than she had hoped. She got the blue thread from the lady who taught her to tat, it is DMC thread.

Lynn sent Connie her original pattern. The star is a ring with 5 picots, the rest are chains with a picot every 6th stitch, she used the white to hold it together and to give it a tinsel (kind of) look. Then she added her Mexican ribbon for the trunk, and tried to get a good picture. This was made with the thicker thread but she really likes it because she didn't copy from any one. She made the chains as long as she wanted them then curved them to give the appearance of a tree.
Cathy made for Bonnie a bookmark in size 80 that was her own design. She wasn't really happy with it, but I think it looks lovely.
Abby sent Lynn a bookmark tatted in size 40 Alton Basak called the "St. Patrick's" pattern, and she thinks it's by Ann Wilson, but the designer isn't listed anywhere on the pattern she printed out. She can't seem to find it on the internet now. Although Abby sent her picture, it seems to have disappeared somewhere on the internet. It will be posted later when it shows up.

Monday, January 19, 2009

4th round of butterflies

The 4th round of the butterfly round robin is underway!

First off, the LOVELY butterfly that Sharol sent to me. It's one of Monica Hanh's and it's done in 12 Valdini.

This one was done by Meme for Becky. Lovely gold and black! This one was Viola from Tatted Butterflies of Adelheid Dangela done in Merce Crochet size 40 in gold and black.

Next up is the lovely butterfly done by Melissa that's on its way to Sharol! She got this pattern by Edda Giugno online and tatted it up in size 50 Flora thread. Well done!

This is Dyan's contribution that's on her way to Meme. Paula is also from Tatted Butterflies tatted in 50 Oren Bayan thread, color 090. Looks like this book is a popular choice! If anyone's interested, it is available at many online stores, including Handyhands, Lacis and Tatting and Design (for our UK friends).

This is Becky's butterfly to Dyan. It's ANOTHER ORIGINAL *applause*. At first Becky felt it was too smal but then added another round to it. Done in 50 Altin Basak (I really need to try this thread) and silver. Well done!

Last is my contribution to the round robin. Another of Ms Eborall's butterflies done in 20 Coats with size 11 beads. The pattern can be found here. I didn't have the metal centre so I did the tatted centre without the fnacy edging. Looks like a superhero butterfly to me. Anyone else see it? *winks*

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Third round of butterflies

A new lot of butterflies have been spotted. Everyone have their nets out? Good!

This specimen hails from Chile! From the book of "Tatted Butterflies", Meme has done a great job. Look at those lovely clunies!

This lovely pink one's from Melissa who has done it up nicely for Becky. It was designed by Sabina Carden-Madden for the Simple angel series. It is part 3 the butterfly motif and was tatted in size 30 DMC. The pattern for this one can be found here.

This is Becky's butterfly for Melissa! Another original done in size 40 Venus thread! Do i sniff a pattern book of butterflies coming soon?

This is my butterfly for Meme from an italian designer! I got the link from! Done in size 80 Dmc - I had to use a beading needle to sew the ends in! I changed it a little so that it looks like a landed butterfly. The pattern for it can be found here.

We're one butterfly short here, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. Hope it lands soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Blizzard of Snowflakes

The third set of snowflake were mailed in early December and were received by all recipients with no major issues. I won't keep you waiting, here are the third set of snowflake from the talented tatters of the Snowflake Round Robin.

The first snowflake was tatted by Shawna for Jeff. Shawna used Lenore English's "January Reflections" pattern for this snowflake. She tatted the snowflake with size 8 DMC pearl cotton. A lovely snowflake, and one of my favourite patterns.

Our next snowflake is one made by Joy for Sandra. The pattern is called "Hearts in a Snowflake" by Jon Yusoff. Joy used size 20 Hakelgarn thread for this beauty of a snowflake.

Lorena's snowflake is next. She made this one for Maria. The pattern is by Jan Stawasz, from his book "Tatting Theory and Patterns", pattern on page 58. Lorena used Cebelia thread in size 20, in white and ecru. Beautiful! I gotta get this book.

The fourth snowflake in the blizzard was tatted by Maria. She sent her snowflake to Lorena. Maria used a pattern from Burda Magazine and used size 20 Cebelia thread. Maria added beads to this snowflake which made it quite heavy. To combat this, she sewed the snowflake to a piece of felt and made a sachet. Such lovely work.

Jeff tatted his third snowflake for Shawna. By pure chance, Jeff used another one of Lenore English's snowflake patterns for this snowflake. He chose to make "October Enchantment". Good thing he chose a different pattern than what Shawna used for his snowflake. He used DMC Cordonnet size 30 thread to make the snowflake. The snowflake in the photo isn't the snowflake sent to Shawna, but an identical one made some time earlier. Another pretty snowflake.

Last, but certainly not least, is Sandra's snowflake made for Joy. The snowflake is a Jane Eborall design ("Snowflake"). This is one of Sandra's favourite patterns, so she decieded to make it again. This snowflake uses the same variegated blue thread in size 80 and some white size 30 thread as the one made for Maria. I don't blame her for making this pattern twice. I would too. Beautiful work Sandra.

That's it for now. A few snowflakes in the fourth round are still in transit for some members so it will be a week or so before they came be shown. You won't want to miss these.